Leeder Wedding

Congrats to Ben and Brandi Leeder! Truly one of the best weddings I’v been to! It was a very special wedding on Saint George Island beach on the 3rd of June 2013.Leeder-8756 Leeder-8750 Leeder-8748 Leeder-8745 Leeder-8738 Leeder-8737 Leeder-8732 Leeder-8729 Leeder-8728 Leeder-8727 Leeder-8725 Leeder-8715 Leeder-8713 Leeder-8705 Leeder-8704 Leeder-8702 Leeder-8697 Leeder-8696 Leeder-8695 Leeder-8692 Leeder-8690 Leeder-8687 Leeder-8684 Leeder-8681 Leeder-8679 Leeder-8677 Leeder-8675 Leeder-8671 Leeder-8667 Leeder-8659 Leeder-8658 Leeder-8656 Leeder-8655 Leeder-8654 Leeder-8653 Leeder-8652 Leeder-8648 Leeder-8647 Leeder-8646 Leeder-8642 Leeder-8641 Leeder-8639 Leeder-8637 Leeder-8633 Leeder-8624 Leeder-8621 Leeder-8616 Leeder-8612 Leeder-8610 Leeder-8606 Leeder-8603 Leeder-8599 Leeder-8598 Leeder-8595 Leeder-8594 Leeder-8593 Leeder-8591 Leeder-8589 Leeder-8588 Leeder-8587 Leeder-8586 Leeder-8584 Leeder-8579 Leeder-8574 Leeder-8573 Leeder-8572 Leeder-8570 Leeder-8569 Leeder-8568 Leeder-8567 Leeder-8566 Leeder-8564 Leeder-8456 Leeder-8454 Leeder-8451 Leeder-8446 Leeder-8433 Leeder-8431 Leeder-8426 Leeder-8420 Leeder-8413 Leeder-8395 Leeder-8388 Leeder-8386 Leeder-8382 Leeder-8374 Leeder-8370 Leeder-8365 Leeder-8354 Leeder-8339 Leeder-8334 Leeder-8321 Leeder-8319 Leeder-8249 Leeder-8247 Leeder-8246 Leeder-8245 Leeder-8236 Leeder-8235 Leeder-8232 Leeder-8231 Leeder-8230 Leeder-8227 Leeder-8224 Leeder-8216 Leeder-8215 Leeder-8214 Leeder-8213 Leeder-8207 Leeder-8171 Leeder-8158 Leeder-8157 Leeder-8153 Leeder-8150