Hitchcock Nature Center

It’s the first of November, daylight savings time. When you set your clocks back an hour. The shorter days are here when the sun sets by 5 o’clock. Not my most favorite time of the year. However the warm colors of the leaves and the glowing sun is a nice feeling. It’s a sign of summer ending, foot ball season starting, and the holidays around the corner. I’v been wanting to get out to photograph the trees with their turning leaves before there all gone.

I’v all ways enjoyed the out doors and walking through any nature trail. Growing up my family and I lived down the street from Fontenelle Forest. A nature center in Bellevue, NE off the Missouri River. We often spent time walking the trails.

My grandpa and great uncle would tell me about the different trees and how to tell them apart from their leaves. I didn’t pay too close of attention at a young age. Now that i’m older I can appreciate the different trees and leaves. It’s great to photograph a subject matter that you grew up on. Hence I still don’t have a full understanding of the different trees, however I do have a appreciation for the beauty of nature trails and the turning of autumn. I wanted to share a few images, I was able to capture on my Sunday nature hike in Honey Creek IA, at the Hitchcock Nature Center.


Collin Leeder

Hitchcock-5135 Hitchcock-5134 Hitchcock-5133 Hitchcock-5130 Hitchcock-5131 Hitchcock-5129 Hitchcock-5128 Hitchcock-5127 Hitchcock-5126 Hitchcock-5124 Hitchcock-5125 Hitchcock-5122 Hitchcock-5120 Hitchcock-5118 Hitchcock-5115 Hitchcock-5113 Hitchcock-5111 Hitchcock-5109 Hitchcock-5106 Hitchcock-5104 Hitchcock-5101 Hitchcock-5099 Hitchcock-5097 Hitchcock-5082 Hitchcock-5095 Hitchcock-5094 Hitchcock-5092 Hitchcock-5089 Hitchcock-5087 Hitchcock-5086 Hitchcock-5084 Hitchcock-5081