Harris Slides China May 1990A

Hello everyone! Here are the Slides from Grandma and Grandpa! I want to thank every one for their patience. It’s taken awhile to figure out a system on scanning these some 1,000 slides. I had a old film/slide scanner that would only work with old computer. The software would crash often and wasn’t reliable. I discovered a new way to scan the slides with my high resolution 24 megapixel full frame camera. The result is stunning! I have a 6000×4000 resolution file big enough to print a 13″x20″ print with out distorting.

I have had to up load the images to the site at a lower resolution. The resolution is big enough to post to social media or e-mail. I have created a catalog system that gives each slide a identification number. Basically it’s simple, each carousal of slides I have recorded the title of each box. Example china may 1990. The next information is the file number produced from the camera. File example: Harris-Slides-China-May1990A-0232.jpg I will be uploading each carousal of slides to its own URL address.

Notice I have the 1990A in the file number that mean there is a second carousal from china yet to be scanned. The other two parts of information I have recored is the exposure number from the slide and the slot number that the slide sits in. With all this information I will be able to track down any slide if it needs any photoshop work. Such has cropping, removing dust, or if you need the full resolution file to make a print. You’ll notice there are some multiple slides. I have taken a couple different exposures to to get the detail in the shadows and in the highlights. If it’s a slide you would like printed I can make a composite from those two slides before printing.

To receive e-mails with the URLs has I upload the slides please e-mail me at Collin@LeederPhotograhpy.com so I can add you to the list. Or click on the contact tab and add your email that way too! To view the file number click on the image.