I am excited to reveal a special project that I have been working on since March. I had a vision to give back to the community, a community I call home. I had spent 4 years in photography school at the Elkhorn Valley Campus of MCC until I completed my associates degree in “Commercial Still Photography.” It was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I wouldn’t be where I am today with out the knowledge and discipline I learned from the professors and classmates that I was surrounded by.

I am pleased to announce the first Leeder Photography Scholarship Fund! I have committed to raising $10,000. Which is an endowed scholarship that will award at least two scholarships per year for photography tuition. It will be a long journey to reach but I have faith it can be done.  I will pledge 5% of all portrait invoices and 10% of art invoices to donate to the fund.

The real exciting part about this project is once the amount of $10,000 is reached the endowed fund will be locked in. The money will be in place for years to come. The fund will then be able to award at least two scholarships per year.

“When you Invest in Leeder Photography you invest in the Leeder Photography Scholarship Fund.”

It has been a pleasure working with Lisa Bradley from the MCC Foundation and Larry Gawel of the MCC photography program. I look forward to building up this fund with supporters like you and others. Thanks in advance for your support! 


Collin Leeder

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Leeder Photography Scholarship Fund


1. Fill out the “About you” section.

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2. Type: select “Scholarship”

3. Category: select “Language and Visual Arts”

4.Scholarship Name: select “Leeder Photography”

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Click “Donate” Thats it has easy has One! Two! Three!